Strategic Implementation

  • Worked closely with a commercial real estate agent to obtain a second office location.  Once the lease was signed, in less than 30 days, coordinated the entire preparation from cabling, electrical, needed I.T. infrastructure, furniture, conference rooms and complete kitchen set up for a group of 35 to move in so that more hiring could be done to prepare for the busy season.

  • Headed the CS integration of an acquired company by stepping in to direct the acquired company’s CS department in which there were no determined KPI’s, no WFM and limited staffing accountability.  Needed technology platforms were rolled out, training and development of KPI’s so managers and supervisors could propel performance leading to a significant turnaround in metrics in approximately 120 days (inherited 1% service levels, 14,000+ unanswered emails, 95% abandonment rates, <50% staff availability became 80% SL, daily email queue cleared, <5% abandonment, 80%+ availability).

  • Led the complete reorganization of a team of account managers who oversaw the B2B customers that drove 75% of all revenues for OtterBox leading to the development of a Sales Operations department.

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