Simplifying Complexities

  • Charged with erasing a productivity bottleneck with a team of people who research housing options to send to clients, a project plan was created and a Black Belt process engineer was hired to map the entire process and work to remove inefficiencies in the system.  Then a top notch instructional designer was hired to build out training materials, train the trainer materials which has resulted in a substantially faster time to productivity for new hires as well as improved productivity of tenured staff.

  • Complete enterprise-level hardware and software change to stabilize information technology system, improve remote connectivity, increase security and overall speed and reliability of the network.  

  • Research, purchased and rolled out policy & procedure database to organization.  Substantial impact on organizational infrastructure as all the knowledge of “how we do what we do” was captured making critical tasks easily repeatable and the training of new staff people much quicker.  Substantially reduced onboarding time of new employees as they clearly knew what their job was and how it was to be performed.

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